Propane vs Natural Gas Comparison

propane vs natural gas

While propane produces more energy and natural gas is less expensive, we still ask ourselves whether to buy a propane BBQ or a natural gas one. In this Propane Vs Natural gas comparison, there aren’t any winners. Both have pro’s and con’s.

Let’s paint a clearer image!


Installationpropane easy connect  

Propane BBQ’s come equipped with all the necessary piping, tubes and gauges that allow you to easily connect your propane tanks .  The installation is “plug and play” meaning that you simply have to connect the grill to the the gas tank and start enjoying your newly bought BBQ.

propane vs natural

Heat output

Each cubic foot of propane produces 2500 BTU’s.

Environmental impact

Propane gas has larger impact on the environment than natural gas. The reason is that propane stays concentrated for a longer period of time in the air because it is heavier than air.

UsagePropane vs gas

While it is a good thing to be able to move around with your BBQ since it’s connected to a portable tank. It is worth noting that propane tanks do run out of gas and that can put you in a difficult situation if you don’t have a spare one..


Like we said earlier, propane burns more efficiently. On the other hand propane is more than double the cost of natural gas in most cases.

Taste and Texture

Propane gas creates a wet heat and that can sometimes change the way your food taste or it’s texture.


Natural Gas


Installing a natural gas BBQ is not as straight forward as a propane one. You will need to connect it to a main gas line and that process adds some initial cost. Now, a lot of people do have natural gas in their house as heat source. But even in this case it will take a professional to connect it to the barbecue.

Heat Output

Natural gas produces about 1000 BTU’s for every cubic foot consumed.

propane vs natural

Environmental impact

While propane is heavier than air, natural gas is lighter, making it greener for the environment.


Since natural gas is connected to the main line, you never have to worry about not having the necessary fuel for your BBQ.



As mentioned earlier, natural gas is substantially less expensive.


Unlike Propane, natural gas doesn’t change the taste of food that much since it creates a dryer heat.

Now that you know the pro’s and con’s, the choice is yours!


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