BBQ without Grill?

BBQ with no grill

We all love to BBQ, whether it’s in the summer or all year long. But for some of us owning an outdoor grill is just not possible. Take the people living in apartments buildings for example. In most cases they are not allowed to have a BBQ on their balcony and in some cases they can’t even store it there.
Not having a proper outdoor space to grill is not the only issue. While some of us are determined enough to grill in the cold, many of us rather keep the BBQ stored away for the winter. So what can you do to BBQ without a grill?

You simply love the taste those flames give your steaks and that smell when your cooking! YUM!

Don’t worry, the BBQ review is here to the rescue!

Here are 5 ways you can BBQ with no grill. We’ll give you some ways to replicate that BBQ flavor and even feel like your having a proper grilling session!

Disposables BBQ’s

BBQ without grillThey are the inexpensive, lightweight and very easy to use. But what are they exactly and how to use them properly?

Disposable grills are made from lightweight aluminium, the same kind used in disposable aluminium pans. They use charcoal as a source of heat and a disposable cooking grate is also provided. To make your life even easier some brands will add Starter cubes or some sort of lighting fluid to the charcoal for a faster igniting process.

To start using it:

Simply remove the BBQ from the package, light the coals and wait for them to get to temperature.

The grates are not the best as you would expect. The trick is to apply a little oil on the grates before placing food on them.

The charcoals will stay hot enough for cooking at least an hour so you should have enough time to have nice little cookout.

Once your done grilling all you gotta do is wait for it to cool down or extinguish it with water or sand.
Dispose of the whole unit after use since disposable grills are usually not recycable.

A good tip when using a disposable grill is to try and avoid the fatty types of food. The grates are very close to the charcoal and any fat that will drip on them will cause flames that will burn your food.

Oven Broiling

So you’re in the mood of a good BBQ but it’s cold outside? Did you know that not too long ago home cooks and restaurants used broilers often as an alternative to grilling?

Oven broilling is very simillar to grilling, While heat comes from the top instead of under, oven broillers get very hot and can create the almost the same taste and texture you get from grilling.

BBQ without grill

To get barbecue like results you should keep the oven door a bit open so it doesn’t get too steamy in there, steam hurts the caramelization process. You should also move the oven racks to the highest position so they are as close to the burners as possible. Another good trick is to broil a grated broiler pan to allow the air to circulate under the food.

In most ovens, the broil setting doesn’t give you much options. You can either turn the broiler on or off. Therefore, keep an eye on your food, a two minute difference can make your steak go from nicely seared to nicely burnt!

Searing Pan

BBQ with no grill on searing panSearing pans are a great alternative when you want to BBQ without a grill. The best kinds are made of stainless steel or cast iron.
What makes those pans special is that they get very hot, hotter than a regular pan. They sometimes have ridges at the bottom too and these are responsible for the searing marks. When food comes in contact with the hot surface of the pan, the exterior of the food will cook very fast while the interior will stay moist. This will create a similar caramelized crust you would achieve when grilling. To properly mimic the grilling process, the surface of the food needs to be higher than 300 Fahrenheit degrees so if the pan is hotter than that you should be fine.

Putting Oil on the pan is not always necessary but if you do oil it, try to use oil with a higher smoking point such as olive oil or grape seed oil.

Smoking Gun

Many of us love grilling not only for the texture and experience but also for the flavor, particularly that smoky flavor.

To get that savory smokey taste you can use a smoking gun or smoke flavored spices.

The smoking gun technique uses a handheld counter-top smoker that is shaped like a gun. It allows you to add smoky flavors to your foods in a couple of minutes by burning wood chips or other ingredients and blowing that smoke onto your food.

Each smoking gun has a different instruction manual but the process is mainly the same.

BBQ without grill

Fill up the gun with your choice of flavored wood chips.
Light the wood chips and let them smolder for max 30 seconds.
Turn on the smoking gun to activate the fan.
Let the smoke fill the chamber or plastic bag as long as required. The more you leave it the more smokey the food will get.

There are many different kinds of wood chips available and different flavors. Some people even smoke their own spices such as Kosher Salt, Black Pepper and Paprika.

Smoke Spices and Ingredients

If a smoking gun is out of the question and you still want that smokey taste, you should take a look at some smokey flavored spices and ingredients.

Here’s a couple of good ones:

Smoked Paprika – Made from pimento peppers, dried and smoked over an oak fire. It can be used in almost any dish.

Smoked Olive Oil – The oil is infused with natural smoke from oak, beech, and birch. Drizzle lightly onto ready meals or add to recipes.

Black Cardamom – It is similar to green Cardamom but it’s smoked. It has a very intense flavor so a small amount should be enough add some smokiness.

BBQ without grill

Smoked Salt – Use smoked salt instead of regular salt in  your dishes.

Liquid Smoke – Using all natural ingredients, it is generally made by concentrating the smoke from wood. Add some to your meals to for a smoky taste.

Chipotle Peppers – These are dried and smoked Jalapeno peppers. They will add some heat and smoke to your dishes.

Lapsang Souchong – This is a special chinese tea. The leaves are dried over a pinewood fire which gives them that smoky taste. To use it in cooking, simply infuse the tea in water and use it as a broth.

Molasses – Molasses is used in many BBQ sauces. Incorporate some to your sauces to replicate that smoky flavor.

Although smoky spices and ingredients won’t give you that caramelized texture, they will surely make you reminisce about those good grilling times!

That’s it for today my friends!

BBQ without a grill is not an issue anymore!

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