The 10 Best BBQ Cleaning Tips!

BBQ Cleaning

If you are looking to clean your BBQ, you have come to the right place.

We searched all over the internet for the best tips to clean your BBQ and we’ve compiled them here for you with a short explanation!

Our killer method here!

#1 The onion way

This one trick is very known but it works. You take a half onion and use it as a scrub on the BBQ grills.

It’s natural and it really cleans BBQ’s well.

#2 Vinegar and foilBBQ cleaning with foil

Get an empty spraying bottle and spray the grills with vinegar. While the vinegar is doing it’s magic, take a piece of aluminium foil and form a ball with it. Scrub the grills with the foil and here it is, easy and cheap!

#3 Beer to clean your BBQ?beer bbq clean

Heat up your BBQ, not too hot though! Pour a freshly opened beer and let it sit on the grills for a few seconds. Take a few newspaper pages and ball them up to use the paper ball as sponge. This is a great and affordable tip since beer cuts very well through grease.

#4 Fresh coffee

This one is very simple.

RemoveĀ the grates and let them soak in a fresh coffee and use any sponge to scrub. Coffee has been proven useful against old stains and grease so why not to clean your BBQ grates.

#5 The Steam methodsteam BBQ clean

When you are done using you grill, simply put a bowl (BBQ Proof) with water on top of a burner and close the lid.

Steam will start to fill the interior of the BBQ. While it’s still hot and steamy, scrub with a stiff brush!

#6 Coca Cola

Coke was used and is still used to clean many different objects and in many different ways. Simply use the Coke as a BBQ cleaner! It works wonders!

#7 Half lemon and saltOnion cleans BBQ

Lemon is sour and acidic ph is always good for cleaning! Take a half lemon and dip it into salt. The salt will add more abrasiveness. Make sure the BBQ is hot and use the half lemon dipped in salt as a brush.

#8 Powerful degreaser

If the more natural BBQ cleaning methods are still not enough to remove that dirt and grease. You can simply buy a heavy duty brush and a heavy duty degreaser and get to work!

#9 Water and soap

If you think that heavy duty cleaning products are going to be to rough on your grill, you can use soap and water andĀ  see if it removes the dirt before moving to harsher methods.

Section 1

#10 Baking Soda, vinegar and ammonia. The Killer Trio!

cleaning bbq

Mix the three ingredients in a big bag and place the BBQ grills in the bag. you now have to give it a good shake to properly coat the grates and other elements your are looking to clean. Leave them in the bag for 24 hours.

The next step is to remove them from the bag and spray them with water (pressure wash works better).

This is one of our favorite ways!

Make sure this is done in an open area.

You are now qualified to clean any BBQ grill!












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